Cloud Based Indoor Air Monitoring Specialists

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Various Models Available.

Combining of following sensors :

TVOC/IAQ,CO2, PM0.1, PM0.3, PM0.5,PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM5, PM10, NO2,NO,NOX, Temperature and Humidity


 'airProber' is the latest cloud or standalone product from Data Monitoring Systems Ltd.

Mobile access to all models

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Display Reports On Multiple Units With Our Advanced Reports Application

Display Data On The Cloud With Our Web Portal

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Protect the home/ office / school / college and any other indoor premises.

Have access to data from our cloud servers, direct connection to any of your devices, and setup email alerts on any sampled gas/particle.


About us:

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In the past 17+ years, our Data Collection system have been operating in over 27 countries, spanning 5 continents.  Like our current products, 'airProber' has been fully designed in house and added to our already proven secure system.

We understand the requirements and listen to our customers to provide the ultimate indoor air monitoring system. For more information contact us at Data Monitoring Systems Ltd below.


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